May I Ask?

What kind of services does Cloud Nine Staffing offer?

Cloud Nine Staffing offers quality professionals to meet the needs of any position in the spa, beauty, fashion, health, office, and fitness industry. 

What kind of pay & benefits do you offer to the working professionals?

We offer daily and weekly pay to our professionals. Pay range is based on licensure/certification, experience, and skill set. No benefits are offered at this time. 

What type of assignments do you offer?

We offer same day, short and long term assignments. All assignments are on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on licensure/certification and experience, applicants will be offered assignments for the spa, beauty, fitness, health, or fashion industry.Our recruiting team will pre-screen all qualified applicants to locate which assignment will closely match the applicant's profile. 

How long can professionals be on an assignment?

Depends on the needs of the client. All assignments vary with enough notice provided. Professionals can work short term or long term assignments.

What sourcing technique does your company use?

Sourcing is very important. We utilize all avenues of communication such as; social media platforms, local workforce commissions, educational institutions and career service departments. We also schedule times to participate in community-involved projects and events.

How can I place an order?

We take orders by phone, via call or text, at 214-210-3681. We also take orders by email, You can even choose "Need Professionals" from the website's banner above.